Wood On Wheels Hardwood Flooring offers a wide range of Wood Floor installation, preparation and repair services to customers in the greater Hudson Valley, NY area.

Whatever your flooring needs, we offer a full range of excellent products and quality services.

  • Installation of  Flooring
    • Hardwood Flooring
    • Custom Hardwood Flooring
    • Border Work
    • Inlay Installation
    • Parquet Hardwood Flooring
    • Ceramic/Parquet Combinations
    • Engineered Flooring
    • Laminate Flooring
    • Luxury Vinyl Flooring
  • Subfloor Preparation
    • Leveling/Flattening Subfloor
    • Grinding/Scraping Subfloor
    • Repairing Inadequate Existing Subfloor
  • Acclimation
    • All other wet trades such as taping, painting and grouting
  • Molding Work
    • Remove and Replace Existing Molding
    • Install New Baseboard Molding
    • Install New Crown/Chair Rail Molding
    • Install All Matching Floor Moldings
  • Sanding and Finishing
    • Sand and Finish New Hardwood
    • Sand and Refinish Existing Hardwood
    • Existing Stain Removal
    • Custom Floor Staining to Match or to New Color
    • Use of Oil Based, Water Based or Penetrating Finishes
  • Existing Flooring Repair
    • Repair Damaged Planks
    • Remove and Replace Damaged Planks
    • Repair gouges, scratches, chips and cracks

Below we explain our process and how we work, so you will know exactly what to expect from us.

The Process:
Before any work begins on your floors, the first step will be to remove as much furnishings as possible from the room. You should also remove any paintings or other decorative items from the walls, so they are not accidentally knocked down while the wood and flooring equipment is being moved in and out of the room. If there are appliances, such as stoves, dishwashers or refrigerators, you should contact professionals from the gas co. or water co. to disconnect any gas or water lines, and reconnect them once the work is completed. This will minimize the potential for risk to you, your family, and any staff at Wood on Wheels. Remove any debris, and give the room a thorough sweeping.

This is an important step in the installation process, and is absolutely critical for a high-quality job. This will take from 2 days-2 weeks, depending on the wood species being installed, the living conditions of the home, temperature and humidity. In new construction, all windows and doors must be in place, and all other trades such as painting, grouting, etc. must be completed before wood floors can be installed. Be sure to understand up front each aspect of the installation process, from how long it will take, to which direction the flooring will be installed, to how the floor boards may vary in appearance. Keep in mind that wood is a natural product, produced in a factory called a forest, and no two floor boards will be identical. Variations in appearance are completely normal, and will add to the beauty and charm of real wood floors.

Install & Finishing:
If your floors are being sanded, finished or refinished on site, you need to be prepared for some noise and disruption. There may be some dust to deal with, even with a dust containment system; you should cover any items that you want kept dust-free. Of course, newly installed factory finished floors will not need sanding but the installation process will create some dust and debris. When your floors are ready to have finish applied, things will move very quickly. Because this is a critical phase, the finish is being applied to your floors, you will have no access to the room until the finish is completely dried and has had time to cure. The time required will vary depending on the type of finish being used, humidity levels, and temperature. Pets should be contained, and all family members should be kept out of the room for the duration. We will let you know exactly when you can walk on your floors, and when furniture can be put back into place.

We will discuss long term care which will depend on which materials are chosen.

Please call us at 845-464-7474 or contact us with any questions you have, or for a free estimate.

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